Impacting our community

What we do

At Shine Church, we fully believe that everything we have is God-given. Nothing is our own, and nothing we do or have is because of our own abilities. As a result, we believe we have been called to be generous with everything that God brings into our church. This is why 13% of everything that comes in will be sent right back out to our outreach partners.

How we give back

Our generosity will not only be financial, but will also include the dedication of our time to working alongside our outreach partners. Our outreach partners will play a pivotal role in our generosity. We strategically partner with those we believe can best live out the mission of our church: to shine the light so that those lost in darkness will find light and life in Christ

Front Porch Ministry

Outreach Partner

In 2004, Thom and Michele Hazelip started Front Porch Ministry in inner-city Nashville. They have opened their home to at risk families in order to build a relationship with the under-served community.

If you would like to learn more about our outreach, becoming one of our outreach partners, or serving with us through one of our outreach partners, please contact us at outreach@shinechurch.tv.